Asthmatic: Stay Healthy As You Travel

I was excited.   It was our first trip as a couple.  I made sure I prepared everything and checked the calendar that it was not my time of the month.  But no matter how much ready you think you are, something will always come up, and there will still be some flaws.




I am an asthmatic, so I checked all my medications and prescriptions.  I checked online about what to do in case I had an attack and where do I need to go.  I even made sure with my doctor that my prescribed medications are legal and available in Ireland.  He is also kind enough to make some adjustments and warned me about the weather and the food.  “No nuts and seafood,” he kept reminding me.


We booked a hotel with a free breakfast, so I instructed the staff who is taking care of us regarding my food preference and also informed them of my allergies.


First Night Disaster

We arrived in Dublin at noon, checked in at the hotel which was nice, and took a short walk to check the place.  We were excited on our first night.  We were chatting on the bed when I suddenly felt some itchiness in my legs, and I saw red bumps on my skin.  We were alarmed, so I took my allergy medications and immediately called the front desk to send someone to have it checked.

Bedbugs ruined our first night.  The hotel staff apologized and ordered the bed to be changed to a hypoallergenic mattress.

“Challenge yourself to take a risk each day, whether it’s talking to someone new, asserting yourself, trusting someone, dancing, setting a tough workout goal or anything that pushes you out of your comfort zone.” – John Duffy, PsyD



Still Stay Positive And Enjoy Your Travel

It was not good first-night sleep, but we did not allow it to ruin our day.  We continued on our tour by taking the double-decker bus which was exciting and sweet.

We visited some of the restaurants on my list which I searched early on through the internet, and some were suggestions from our friends who have visited the place.  We dined at The Vintage Kitchen, and we enjoyed their slow-roasted lamb shank and chocolate cake.  Foods are really the number one reason why we wanted to travel. It was like having a taste of their rich culture.  That is why we never missed the traditional Irish stew and corned beef with cabbage.

But to really enjoy the food, I have to be careful in checking what they put into their recipe.  I do not want anything that would trigger an asthma attack, or else I would end up in the confine of a hospital.


“Taking better care of your body boosts your well-being fairly fast.” – Ronald Siegel, PsyD


Dublin Castle And Other Nice Places

It is just amazingly odd to see the castle in the midst of the city.  It was adorable taking pictures as we were toured around.   Our tour guide educated us well enough that we have become so familiar with their history after the tour.  The relationships between England and Ireland and some fascinating fun facts were just impressive.




We enjoyed our trip in Dublin, seeing the wonderful cliffs of Moher, experienced riding the double-decker city tour bus for sightseeing as we listened to the audio commentary.  And of course, we would never miss the famous beer at Guinness Storehouse.


There are a lot to see and unusual things to do while in Dublin. And if I were not prepared enough, we would not be enjoying the tour, especially considering my being an asthmatic.


Going on out of the country trip with your special someone is something you should look forward to, and you would certainly want to make it special.  You can make it so by ensuring you are physically fit to go on a trip.  Research about the place, its weather, places you can go, food to eat that is safe for you, and activities which you will both enjoy and will not be bad for your health.


“You are—ultimately—in charge of your own success. So, set realistic standards and goals. Don’t try to follow someone else’s itinerary. Oftentimes, students set unrealistic expectations.” – Erlene Grise-Owens, Ed.D., LCSW, LMFT, MRE


Before we planned this Dublin trip, I made sure that I checked the allergy forecast first, and whether or not there was an incidence of hay fever and pollen so as not to hamper our trip.


Asthmatic persons are very sensitive.  It is essential always to expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to the place or room you are going to stay in, which is often taken for granted.  The quality of air is not the same from where you came from, the altitude, allergens, and pollution, all these you need to consider.  Be prepared with your prescribed medications and be ready with your nebulizers and meds that will last you throughout your trip.


Make every vacation with your partner extra special.  There may be some flaws no matter how hard you prepare, but staying positive despite problems will make you enjoy the pleasure of traveling safe and healthy.