Counselor-Approved Healthy Habits

Do you know that it will take at least 21 days before a habit gets formed? Unfortunately, despite your eagerness to get immediate results, your mind and body will not cooperate. So why not go through the process instead of resisting the struggle? You need to realize that bad days are temporary, and failure is inevitable. But to be able to be in control, you need to establish a healthy relationship with the changes around you. So here are some of the healthy habits you can practice.


Learn To Cook Your Food – One healthy habit that you should try incorporating is cooking your food. That is because being friends with the kitchen has a lot of benefits. You will not only eat healthy meals every day, but you will also learn to avoid emptying your pocket from constantly purchasing fast food meals. Aside from that, you will be able to budget your savings accordingly by only purchasing enough food and groceries that you can store in your fridge. Cooking your own food is less intimidating, especially when you already know what to do.

Get Your Body Moving – The busier your life becomes, the more you excuse yourself from exercising. But when you try and make fitness activities part of your habit, you will soon manage to develop a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to go and register to the gym only to get that exercise you need. Because even a 20-minute walk or jog outside can make a huge difference in your overall health, it would be beneficial to regularly practice working on your body to help improve your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Take A Bathe Regularly – Daily taking a bath is a habit that you should do. Bathing helps in removing the dead skin cells from your body and keeps you clean. It improves your physical health as it allows better functions of your muscles, joints, and bones. Be mindful that the hotness or coldness of the water matters. Note that cold water increases circulation, allowing blood to run into deeper tissues to help maintain ideal body temperature. On the other hand, hot or warm water relaxes the body and better prepares your brain and body for a good night’s sleep.


Set A Consistent Time For Sleep – Another way you can improve your way of living is by setting a consistent time for sleep. Of course, you can be guilty of getting busy every night with some things, or you love binge-watching some movies, or maybe you spend too much time on your mobile device. You might think that these things are harmless, but there are damaging effects to that routine. It can make you prone to serious medical issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart attack, heart failure, or stroke. Therefore, try to establish a sleeping routine to regulate your sleeping cycle.

Get Hydrated – Filling the body with enough water is a practice that you should always mind. It may be bland, tasteless, and boring, but water has many health benefits compared to any self-claimed energy drink. If you genuinely want to make it different, you can still be creative in drinking it. You can add some fresh slices of lemon, cucumber, orange, or any other fruit slices. Drinking enough water can give your body enough vitamins and minerals. So next time you need to drink some soda, grab a glass of water instead.

Make A List Of Your Priorities – It would be beneficial to create a list of your priorities to stay focused on the things you need to strive for. Keep track of your progress by using a planner or a journal. You need to embrace a resilient mindset that can motivate you to move towards the desired accomplishments. Also, it would help if you can limit your list to the things that you can complete each day. That way, you won’t have to multitask and end up getting stuck with lots of unfinished tasks.


Take Time To Declutter – You do not have to go all the way through your stuff just to be able to declutter things around you. It is essential to establish a clean home or workspace that can make you feel comfortable and happy. Allow your place to have that positive vibe that can boost your productivity. Ensure that your surroundings are organized to avoid stress and anxiety. Do a little bit of decluttering or cleaning each week and throw or keep away the things you no longer need. You can try and look into a minimalistic lifestyle.

Practice Meditation – Your list of healthy habits wouldn’t be complete without meditation. Since there are tons of negative energy surrounding you every day, you need to find time to establish a positive outlook in life despite uncertainties. With that, you need to practice meditation where you can focus on your breathing. It will help clear your thoughts and feelings and bring you to a stable mental and emotional state.