Feeling Lazy? Motivate Yourself To Exercise With These Mantras


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Are there days wherein you’re ready to give up anything just to avoid exercising? It exhausts you and makes your muscles sore, so it’s not shocking for this idea to cross your mind. Even the die-hard fitness enthusiasts and instructors feel idleness at times, though they’re great at fighting it.

You, of course, can prevent laziness from halting your training goals too. What enabled you to start exercising in the first place? Rehashing the answer to that every day may change your mood. If you need a little more push, however, you can get motivation from the following mantras.



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  1. I feel great.

Be sure to look at your reflection in the mirror whenever you utter this statement. As unpretentious as the words sound, they are much better than saying, “I don’t feel okay today.”

You can re-affirm that as well every time you don’t feel like leaving the bed to do something productive. “Find those workout pals who help you feel good about what you’re doing, and together you can achieve the fulfillment that comes with physical and psychological wellness,” suggests Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.


  1. There’s no reason to rush.

Assuming you feel lazy to attend a fitness class because you’re not athletic like the others, erase that thought now. You are not in a competition in which speed is the most important thing. You will go there to strengthen your body and take control of your life – not theirs. So, it’s alright to take baby steps when learning the workout.


  1. I believe in my strength.

Your body has the potential to perform all the exercises that the veterans can do. It may seem suspicious at first, yet that’s due to the lack of consistent training. The only way for your inner strength to appear is by going out there and improving your fitness skills. “Lifestyle changes are hard to make, but if you can give people the right kinds of social tools to help them do it, there’s a lot of good that can be done at relatively little cost,” says  Damon Centola, Ph.D.


  1. My limits can’t stop me.

Despite any physical limitation you may have, it shouldn’t derail you from becoming fit. In truth, there are far too many exercise routines on the internet so that people can work around their disabilities. If your arms and shoulders are sore today, then build up your muscles below the waist. In case you can’t stay on your feet for long, tone your upper body. It’s that stress-free.


  1. I deserve to feel – and be – sexy.

Yes, you do. While every size and shape is gorgeous, you have an ideal body for yourself, without a doubt. The sole reason why you may not achieve that is if you can’t exercise without being told. So remind yourself of this mantra when you’re feeling lazy.


  1. It won’t hurt to try.

Working out is one of those activities that will seem harder the more you overthink about it. Though your limbs and abs may feel uncomfortable the next day, it just indicates how much effort you exerted. The tenderness will ebb away as you stay faithful to the routine, so there’s nothing to worry about now.


  1. I can do better today.

“I always exercise first thing in the morning so that nothing else in my day will interfere with my ability to get the workout in,” says Jennifer Farrell, Ph.D., a school counselor and sports psychology consultant at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Faribault, MN. If you think you’ve already reached your boundaries, that’s merely a product of your imagination. There will always be equipment to sample or a routine to perfect, and it may benefit your body better. Due to that, you shouldn’t ever skip exercising whenever you’re supposed to do it.