Five Outrageous Ways To Generate Laughter In Your Daily Routine


We need more highs in a world bombarded with lows.


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of seriousness and gloominess overtaking the world. Be immune from the weariness and doom with these ten outrageous ways to provoke laughter and happiness wherever you are. These are guaranteed effective and are 100% free from harmful chemicals. After all, laughter is perceived to be the most appropriate and effective medicine against medical conditions because it fights stress and increases a person’s happy hormones.






Warning: Jaw and cheek pain with breathing difficulty might ensue.


Enroll In A Laughing Yoga Class


When people hear the word “yoga” the first thing that would come to mind would be someone doing meditation along with a demonstration of exercises that lasts for an hour or two. However, with laughing yoga classes, you can disregard those pricey outfits and whispering because this type of yoga mainly focuses on inspiring contagious and genuine laughter.






If you ever hear someone laugh hysterically, there is a considerable chance that you’ll be laughing along with that person for no apparent reason; this is the core principle of laughing yoga with facts to back it up. According to studies, the brain does not discriminate laughter, whether it’s fake or not. Therefore, doing fake laughter, which is the central concept of laughing yoga, can elicit real laughter and will quickly tap into the brain’s response center to release hormones responsible for making the body feel better.


Use The Power Of Social Media


Apart from the toxic, stressful, spiteful side of social media, there are priceless funny and intelligent jokes, videos, and memes that can instantly extract laughter out of you. Today’s technological world requires people always to be connected to the Internet and somehow be productive. When you’re glued to your seat 40 hours a week, the best source of humor is social media where you can get the hilarious puns, vines, podcasts, videos and a whole lot more. According to John Duffy, PsyD, “Writing about negative emotions also helps.”


Talk To An Intelligent Personal Assistant


Alexa and Siri bring out the best and worst answers of all time. Most of the time, those worst answers are outrageously funny you don’t even know why you asked those questions in the first place. While these intelligent personal assistants are efficient in providing information, they are also equipped to make your day by offering a lot of entertaining elements. Ask Siri and Alexa for a joke, and you’ll be surprised how an interactive device can make you guffaw. Also, be as random as you can by asking silly questions like, “Who’s the fairest of them all?”


Joel Silverman, MA, LPC said “Recent studies have found that laughter is good for your heart, can reduce pain, lower blood pressure and strengthen your immune system. How many medications can make that claim!”


Lip-read Inefficiently


Not everyone is good at reading each other’s lips and watching someone struggle to understand what’s coming out of another person’s mouth is utterly entertaining. Try it out! What makes lip-reading funny is that people are so terrible at it, the words formed make no sense or may sound nasty. Do some scenes from movie clips, interviews, or political talks.


Make No Regrets With Failed Autocorrect


Let go of your OCD for a while and be spontaneous with your messages to family and friends. Allow autocorrecting to play with you. Just go along with it and stand by at the funny reactions that may come from your parents, partner, or friends. Typing something like, “Hon, I’ve picked up the chickens from school,” then finding out after you’ve sent the message that your autocorrect function betrayed you by doing its thing is a surefire way to snort at the horrible, ridiculous mistake.


Shana Mercer, M.Ed., LPC said “When you laugh, serotonin is released into the brain which elevates your mood for a few minutes.)”





Just because this world is ridden with problems and issues left and right doesn’t mean that you don’t have a lot of reasons to be ROFL-ing and LOL-ing every once in a while. If happiness is hard to find lately, there are a lot of reliable ways and resources where you can get it. Laughter need not be complicated or expensive; it’s entirely free and conveniently available so make the most of it.