Healthy Lifestyle While On Lockdown


What is healthy eating? If you search online and read about it on Google, you will see that healthy eating is about following the food pyramid and all the other servings per meal specified therein. Some include calorie counting or eating fewer carbohydrates. These are all great guides, to begin with, but to be honest, healthy eating means cutting down junk foods, those foods with preservatives, fast food menu, sugar and sweets in excess, and processed foods. One must also limit eating red meat and start eating fish instead. Carbohydrates are very important too, and so, do not take it for granted.

We are all affected because of this pandemic. And that means we are stuck on what is available. For me, I had my salary cut in half just so everyone in our team can still work and earn. We all agreed to that instead of having five or six colleagues out of work. Also, we work from home, and we are not obligated to report to the office.


What does it have to do with my way of healthy eating? I am not a nutritionist, nor am I a dietitian. I am not vegetarian or vegan, as well. It’s just that I am committed to living a healthy life, physically and mentally. I started being this way when one of my co-workers suddenly died due to a stroke a few years ago. She was only forty-three and left three young kids. Nobody knew she was sick; that’s because she also didn’t tell anyone how she felt. Lisa had headaches, apparently, and her shoulder to arms would numb or have that tingling feeling. That was a sign of stroke about to happen. Lisa also did not check her vitals regularly, plus she loved those cheesy burgers and extra-large fries. She was not fat as per my idea of the word, but it took a toll on her. So, no way I am going out in that fashion. I love myself too much to bury it in McDonald’s or Burger King.

Did I have a problem with my healthy way of living during a lockdown? Well, not that it mattered much to me. I grew my own lettuce, and I also have a small lemon tree outback. Lemon is known to be medicinal, and if you combine it with ginger, oh wow. I can kill bacteria and viruses living within the body, as I have read. I drink a glass of pure lemon juice with ginger each day for three years now. So far, I don’t remember any major colds or flu since I did that. I also do not eat red meat and have a healthy serving of fish each day, together with whole grains, nuts, veggies, and fruits.


To exercise my mind, I do meditation. It only takes a few minutes each day, and I do it as soon as I get up from the bed. Lockdown or not, I keep this habit going because it makes me feel better. What I do is that I sit on my bed or on a chair or on the floor. Sometimes, I lay down on a hard surface and just feel it. Then, I chant my positives. I call it positives because the statements are empowering and can provide a positive outlook for me. At this time, we need it. We need to look forward to the future, even if it is just a tiny glimpse.

And so, inhale and exhale deeply as you condition your mind – I will make it alive during this pandemic. I will find a way to earn money. I will surpass this trying time. I will see all the beautiful things that matter, especially now. I will be more proactive and productive. – These are my positives.

I also exercise my body and do yoga at home. Thirty minutes is enough for me, three to four times a day. I watch these YouTube videos on beginner yoga sessions.

You should start now with healthy living. As you can see and is proven by the pandemic, life is short. You have to live it fully and without regrets.