Healthy Social Media Habits That You Need To Practice Now


Social media brings out the best and worst in people. Here are ways to enjoy and manage the technological platform minus the stressful impact on your professional and personal life.





“Some benefits to improving resiliency include greater confidence, sense of personal power, and the capacity to reduce the fear and anxiety that often goes along with stress-provoking situations,” said Laurie Leinwand, MA, LPC.


Not Everything Is True


While social media is an excellent source of reliable day-to-day information about current events, it’s also the place where people throw in their garbage of lies. People who are obsessed with likes and appreciations are the ones who post fabricated or exaggerated details about themselves. A person’s profile is a reflection of their edited characterization of themselves to show the public that they are positively living their lives with general depictions of milestones, success, and happiness.


People who are not careful and mindful of what’s real and what’s not are often fooled into believing that everyone seems to be having a more prosperous, happier, and better life, whether it’s true or false. If updates on social media make you feel inferior, veer away from the platform and don’t forget to tell yourself that whatever you see is usually just a laboriously edited and distorted parcel of other people’s reality.


Jeremy Savage, MA, LPC said “The good news is that we can learn how to minimize and navigate stress by adopting specific skills.”






Notice Isolation


Binges and surfing are just some of the multitude of reasons why technology is considered as a revolutionary escape from daily stressors; however, attachment to the system can also nurture isolation. Increased use of social media has a negative impact on real-time relationships, romantic or not, by being physically present but mentally absent. Instead of giving significant consideration to the person you’re with, your mind is in too deep with what’s happening with everybody else updating their feeds and posting shallow announcement.


Put down your phone for a while and be courteous and respective enough of other people’s presence and time. Live the moment while you still have a group of people who are willing to stick around even if your attention is elsewhere; otherwise, you’ll find yourself being isolated and only having the company of your device.


“We think we just need to toughen up, and stop being so fragile,” said Daniela Paolone, LMFT.


Disable Notifications And Communicate Offline


Unless necessary, do not use social media to address a particular issue or to communicate with people. Don’t be that person who gets anxious whenever you hear your notification ringtone or when you see that blinking light just above your screen. Be less dependent on social media especially if it has something to do with communicating with other people. For example, if it’s somebody’s birthday, don’t be lazy by posting some random birthday greeting on your friend’s page. Instead, give that person a call. It’s more meaningful to hear somebody’s voice once in a while than just go through meaningless greetings and liking them one by one.


Yes, social media is called as such for the primary intention of reaching to other people. However, its purpose has now gone awry because it also cultivates negativity and animosity between people. Furthermore, social media is now flooded with useless information that it can fool people into thinking that what they’ve read are facts, not fakes.


The point is, if you log into your social media account less frequently, you’ll find it more rewarding to accomplish tasks and to talk to people genuinely.






Travel Without The Wi-Fi


When going beyond the comfort of your borders, make it a point that you don’t connect to the internet. Why else would you travel if you’ll just get stuck the entire day looking at your phone and being active on social media? Traveling is meant to be enjoyed in all its glory. When you’re in a different place, marvel at the structure, delight in the food, snap some shots, mingle with the people, and most importantly, appreciate your surroundings.


Don’t travel just for the sake of traveling; do it because you deserve a break from everything including the internet. Even if you get back to your hotel, refuse to look at your social media feed as it can just bring you down. For as long as you’re out there, might as well enjoy the view – social media can wait.


Don’t Be A Slave


By knowing how to handle your social media account, you are teaching yourself how to be an efficient and responsible individual who does not rely entirely on other people’s feeds and lives. Avoid falling deep into the hole of hate and self-pity. Do yourself a favor and stop endlessly scrolling through your timeline. Just take a moment to enjoy life minus the social media hype.