The Best Workouts For Couples Who Want More Quality Time Together




Love is a sweet yet rebellious phenomenon that individuals from various walks of life experience at least once. You better believe that because it even allows opposites to fall for each other. Do they have misunderstandings? Yes, but they deal with it by doing some activities separately.

In case you and your partner have agreed, however, that you’ll do more things together this year, you may find common ground in fitness sessions. Below are a few examples of the best workouts for couples.





The first one is running duos who are either highly competitive or nature lovers. When one becomes tired, the other can encourage him or her as well to continue moving.

“When we’re overwhelmed with anxiety and depression, shifting from the big picture—all the frustrations, worst-case scenario thinking—to the small, in-the-moment task of doing something that approaches a goal, like running a four-mile loop with two hills, will kick off a positive feedback loop that continues throughout the run and takes our thinking and emotions out of the trench of negativity,” says Laura Fredendall, Psy.D.

Alternating Box Jumps

Are you into building up your stamina? Alternating box jumps may be the best workout for you.

As the name suggests, its difference from the routine is that the lovers will jump on the box by turns. Apart from being fun, the exercise guarantees that neither of you will slack off as you’re watching one another.


Naked Yoga

Although regular yoga may make your partner back out, he or she may become interested in doing it in the nude. It will be the most intimate workout you’ll ever find out there, you see. The payoff isn’t awful too – you get closer than ever and improve your limbs’ litheness.


Swimming Stretch

In case the partner does not have enough flexibility for the previous workout, you may try the swimming stretch instead.


High-Five Push-Ups

High-five push-up may be one of the best workouts to motivate your special someone to get in shape. While it sounds exciting, you have to muster your athleticism because you’ll give a high five every time you push upwards. Position yourself in front of your partner so that your palms can connect well.


Competitive Cycling

If you both love cycling but have no opportunity to bust out the bikes, there are indoor classes you may attend. The benefit of doing so is that they have the hi-tech equipment, which can measure your speed, strength, etc. You can turn it into a healthy competition as well to push each other better.

Psychologist John Hackston says, “Racing, cycling clubs, and such are likely to appeal to extraverts,” noting that introverts may prefer solo rides where they can have time with their own thoughts. “Knowing and acting in accordance with your personality–rather than doing things in the way that others say is correct–will be more engaging and take less energy,”

Dynamic Lunges

Do you like holding hands as much as possible? Now, it’s possible too even when working out once you perform dynamic lunges. Considering you know its conventional form, decide which one of you will move backward and forward first. Clasp both of your partner’s hands routine the routine, and alternation your leg positions after at least ten repetitions.


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another fitness option for couples who love adventurous activities. Not only will you trust each other more, but your upper body will become stronger at the same time. You may go to a covered facility that’s complete with the proper gear, in case you’re not used to this sport. “It’s not intended to replace existing treatments, but,” Psychologist Eva-Maria Stelzer, says, “it makes sense to use bouldering or rock climbing to complement traditional care.”