Understanding Panic Attack


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The sudden surge of unpredictable and overwhelming fear is what we call a panic attack. It comes without warning and often happens without an apparent reason. “To stop a panic attack now, you need to first know that you are having one,” explains Alicia H. Clark, PsyD. Sometimes, the distressing bodily symptoms, where people somehow think are normal, accompany the condition. However, the panic attack is far more intense than being stressed out and pressured.


The Signs And Symptoms

The symptoms of a panic attack are commonly related to physical discomforts, some of which are dizziness, lightheadedness, difficulty breathing, pounding heartbeat, trembling, sweating, shaking, choking, tingling fingers and toes, churning stomach, and chest pain. In unfortunate circumstances, those people with depression and anxiety disorders may suffer a terror that is almost paralyzing. The panic attack makes them lose control of themselves and exaggeratedly think about dying. There are hot flashes, sudden chills, acidity, diarrhea, and indigestion as well.

Most individuals experience occasions of panic attacks and sometimes seems to fear to have it in the future. This instance changes their behavior, emotional approach, and mental state. It affects their lives in a way that these signs take over their general well-being. Though panic disorder is not that dangerous or life-threatening, its persistent cycle of fear is what makes it terrifying. Having uncontrolled fear gives an idea that everything is seriously wrong. From there, people often lose control of their thoughts and actions.


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Why Panic Attacks Occur

The primary reason why panic attacks happen is that people often misinterpret the utterly not detrimental but frightening signs and symptoms of anxiety. “Once upon a time I believe [anxiety] served us well when we were faced with a predator, or in a life or death situation,” psychologist Amy Morin recalls. They usually don’t have the knowledge to identify the difference between reality and imagination. The lack of understanding locks individuals into a “fear of cycle” that negatively feeds mental illness and disorders.

It may seem that most people are well-informed about mental disorders, particularly panic attacks, but they are not. Only the exact and direct experience can create a connection through proper intervention and resolution. That’s because the brain receives a significant reaction on a particular moment of pursuing the start of the recovery. However, not experiencing it doesn’t mean people should ignore its explained information. Though the steps of understanding it are quite simple because it is related to anxiety and depressive disorders, some people are still confused with its definite description.


The Intervention

In terms of knowing what to do with the condition, there are some ways to address it. Therapy and medication enable a controlled step-by-step procedure that creates a gradual result. Some methods help motivate individuals to predominantly process their recovery progress instead of throwing themselves into the pit. According to psychologist Arash Emamzadeh, “You need to behave in a way that is inconsistent with fear and a focus on harm.”


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Most individuals who bravely face their fear are doing a great job. Though it may seem a little bit harsh sometimes and people can’t seem to bear with it all the time, the idea of wanting to get better is always a good choice. Since all of them want to get their life back to normal, they’ll try to do things to get rid of their fear. But first, they should realize that learning to cope with anxiety or panic attacks is different from completely freeing themselves from it.

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