Why It Is Hard To Be Mentally Healthy Nowadays

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Would you believe that the world we live in today is designed to kill us? For some reason, the goal of innovation has been secretly promoting health problems, both physical and psychological. It is somewhat contradictory to what humanity aimed for which is to make life easier and happier. Now, life is more like quicker. Maybe someone believed that short life is more meaningful especially when you spend it on pleasurable things, enjoying modern advancement.


How Our Lifestyle Nowadays Damages Our Mental Health:


Social Media Influence


“There is no question the Internet is an enormously popular, convenient, and immediately gratifying way to connect with others,” according to Shelley Galasso Bonanno, MA. We may not notice it, but social media dictate how we should live our lives, how women should look, or how relationships should be. It brings frustration when we are not able to meet the “modern” norm which is to live life easy – travel the world with our gorgeous partners, wearing an elegant engagement ring, holding a glass of fine wine, in a bikini, and don’t forget that it has to be posted on social media for everyone to see. Somehow, this has been the “perfect life,” and sadly, it is the emotional and mental destruction of most to feel envy and frustrated, to think they are way beyond what they should be experiencing, and that their life sucks.


Technology Take Over


People made technology to make life easy, but then somehow, it has gone too far that it caused us to be lazy. Technology surrounds us, and we depended on using it in our daily lives. The aim of it is to provide us with more time to maybe do other essential matters or maybe spend more time with our family, but has it truly? Why are people busier than ever? Why don’t we seem to have enough time in a day to complete all tasks despite the machines designed to help us? Sadly, most people nowadays live shortly and die without actually experiencing life. It is because they were busy clicking buttons and chasing innovations.


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Focus And Diversion


Almost every house that we come to has a television. It provides us with entertainment, but at the same time, it also gives us bad news. It makes us aware of the war that’s happening on the other side of the world, the violence, and all mind-boggling matters. Yes, it is essential to know the current news, but it could also stir our peace of mind that we tend to lose focus on our lives. It is noble to care for others, but how can we show we care when we cannot take care of our own. “Someone not burdened with the fears and concerns around the decision can bring unique wisdom that can accelerate success,” explains Gleb Tsipursky Ph.D.


Profitable Jobs


Today, most people work in front of a computer. Gone are the days when we have to shed blood, sweat, and tears to complete our task. Has it improved our lives? Indeed! Has it improved our health? That’s a different story. We all know that we need to have enough exercise to achieve physical as well as mental health, but because of the sedentary lifestyle, people are prone to illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Maybe, it is easier said than done, especially given the world we live in right now, but why do people look for paying jobs rather than meaningful ones.


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Humans evolved no matter how the world changed – from the ice age to the modern age. We are still here only with different issues to face. No one can say today is better than yesterday or vice versa because it will be all about the preference of every individual. Either they choose a hard and long life or a short and easy one. “It’s good to know about these perspectives on life transitions because they show us that there’s nothing inherently bad about change,” says Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D.

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